Electrical engineering

We offer a full range of control technology services. From machine installation to control cabinet construction to project planning and programming of PLC and CNC systems. We also take on the training of your employees.

Our systems are used worldwide in machine tools, handling systems, painting systems and presses.

circuit diagram

Hardware construction

Rinke Maschinenbau designs and constructs the entire electrical installation of your machines and control systems.

With the help of CAD software, we create plans for the planning of machine controls.

The hardware plan is structured according to the following points

    • data sheet
    • Machine overview
    • Control cabinet structure
    • Terminal strip overview
    • Table of contents
    • Circuit diagram
    • Terminal plan
    • Cable plan

Taking into account customer specifications, we clarify the optimal design of the system with the manufacturers of the components.

Price and performance as well as availability and the possibility of replacement are in the foreground in order to be able to guarantee long-term functionality of the entire machine.

We specialize in PLC and CNC controls from Siemens and Bosch Rexroth. But we also take care of other makes.


Software construction

Rinke Maschinenbau designs and programs the basic functions of PLC and CNS systems. We adapt all basic parameters to the conditions of your machine or system.

The operation can be done traditionally via buttons and switches and / or comfortably via a graphic display, which can be individually adapted to your wishes and needs.

Control cabinet construction

Control cabinet construction

Rinke Maschinenbau takes on the design and manufacture of control cabinets for machine tools and systems. The execution takes place according to VDE regulations and is individually adapted and designed to the needs of the system.

In the event of a malfunction, the clear structure ensures that the sources of error can be narrowed down quickly and easily and also allows the system to be changed or expanded at a later date.


Training and instruction

Rinke Maschinenbau offers you training courses for your employees specially tailored to your systems so that smooth operation and thus smooth production can be guaranteed.

Since the performance and operating scope of modern machine tools and systems is very extensive, it is recommended that all machine operators undergo basic training. Operating errors cannot be completely ruled out even with complex security mechanisms and can lead to considerable damage.

Training courses can be carried out directly on your system or in small groups in the premises of our training partners, as required.