Hydraulic pipes for individual applications

Hydraulic systems are used in many areas. Hose lines are often used, especially where movement has to be guaranteed. In most cases, however, they can also be rigid, which has a number of advantages.

In comparison, pipelines offer higher pressure resistance and their service life is almost unlimited compared to hose lines.

Unfortunately, up to now, the production of suitably shaped pipelines has been quite complex and time-consuming, and screw connections are extremely expensive in comparison.

Correctly bent pipes save time and costs during installation and reduce the number of screw connections in a cable run to a minimum. It is particularly fast and inexpensive when pipes are required regularly or in small to medium series. By storing countless pipe variants, it is very easy to reproduce pipes. Permanent re-measuring or construction is no longer necessary.

As standard, we deliver finished pipes up to 3 m in length (6 m possible). The standard wall thickness of the pipes is 1.5 mm with pipe cross-sections from 10 to 22 mm in version L (light). S or LL on request.


They measure the straight course of the line with millimeter precision up to the first change in direction and then specify the angle of the change in direction within a 3D coordinate system. Please note that the pipe angle and bending radius vary depending on the pipe cross-section and that there are technical limits to feasibility.



When you have all the dimensions, simply make a hand sketch or, if you are using a 3D CAD system, simply send us your drawing in IGES or STEP format.


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We submit our offer to you and manufacture according to your specific specifications and wishes, so that the hydraulic pipes can be installed without further rework or adjustment.