Maintenance of presses and machine tools

Press maintenance

Rinke Maschinenbau maintains your machine tools, presses and systems in accordance with german UVV (safty rules) and manufacturer specifications, including overrun measurement. On request, we will procure all wear and spare parts and replace them during the maintenance work. As far as possible, we comply with the wishes of our customers so that there is as little disruption to regular production as possible.

Pressing, punching and shearing are subject to special test regulations. As a rule, the tests must be carried out annually in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV). If a system does not pass the UVV test, we will create a list of defects. On request, we can remedy these deficiencies or, if necessary, offer you the conversion or retrofitting with appropriate safety components. Machine tools are mostly not subject to such strict regulations. However, it is advisable to carry out maintenance regularly, at not too long intervals, in order to be able to guarantee perfect and precise function. Regular maintenance and upkeep keep them operational and extend their service life considerably.

Testing and maintenance

            • Pressure test
            • Tracking measurement
            • Review of safety devices (e.g. two-hand operation etc.)
            • Maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Wear parts, filters, oils etc)
            • Measurement of the geometry
            • Checking tool changers (Function, transfer points etc.)