Vibration measurement

Vibrations and shocks are often the reason of damages of machines or inaccuracy of the production.

Every moving part of a machine causes vibrations. Too much vibration can cause damages or a high wear and tear of components like bearings, ball screws or slideways etc..

Our 3D acceleration sensor system helps us to locate the source of the vibration and the parts that are damaged or will be damaged soon.

Vibration measurement is part of the preventive maintenance. It helps us to locate parts with high wear and tear before a serious damage has occured.

Spectra Pulse

Diagnostic options:

  • bearings
    e. g. electrical motors, gears, spindles etc.
  • ball screws
  • slideways
    e. g. carvings, roughness
  • inaccuracy during the production
    e. g. grinding process
  • concentric
    e. g. chucks
  • optimization of the production process