We offer you vibration measurement for preventive maintenance and fault analysis of machines and systems.

Oscillations or vibrations are the most common causes of damage to components and machining errors on workpieces. All moving components of a machine generate vibrations due to their acceleration, which have more or less influence on wear.

With the help of 3D sensors, vibrations are recorded directly on the individual components and stored on a computer. Damage can be limited and localized by a graphic representation of the vibration pattern and limitation of acceleration peaks.

Using this method, damage can be detected without the machines or components having to be dismantled.

This procedure saves time and, above all, money, since errors can be detected before major damage has occurred.

Spectra Pulse

Possibilities for diagnosis and analysis:

    • Determination of bearing damage
      z. B. motors, gears, spindles etc.
    • Determination of errors in ball screws
      z. B. backlash, running inaccuracies, strikes
    • Determination of errors in guideways
      z. B. Eaters, bumps
    • Determination of machining errors and deviations in accuracy.
      z. B. Grinding machines
    • Determination of runout errors
      z. B. face plates
  • Process optimization