The company

Rinke Maschinenbau is a mid-tier company in Wuppertal, Germany. The main focus of our business is on machine tools of any kind.

In 1998, Mr. Christoph Rinke decided to establish his own company after he worked for a quite similar company for approximately 15 years. The experience and ability of himself and his coworkers offers a wide range of capabilities to renew or improve the performance of machine tools, for more than 20 years.

Have a look about the spectrum of our offered performance and the reference list of  our satisfied customers.





In the early year 2021 we built a TUBOMAT pipe bending machine. This machine offers the pricise, automatic bending of hydraulic pipes. We now offer this service to our customers to shorten the time of installation of machines and hydraulic systems.



In January 2020 we start up or modernised plane grinder SWB 15 VA II with a new SIEMENS control system. Now we are able to do gringing up to 1200 x 500 mm.



In September 2015 Rinke Maschinenbau lauched their new Homepage.


Since the beginning of 2012 Christoph Rinke Maschinenbau, worked quite successfull.



At the 31.12.2011 Mr. Klaus Eichhorn left the Rinke & Eichhorn GbR. Since than Mr. Chrisoph Rinke managed the company almost unchanged, by himself. All rights and obligations moved to Mr. Christoph Rinke.


In October 2010 Rinke & Eichhonr GBR established a quality- and environment protection management system based on:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001


After a few difficuties during the building phase, Rinke & Eichhorn GbR moved into the new building in Linderhauser Str. 133 in Wuppertal.


At the beginning of 2004 Rinke & Eichhorn GbR bought a building ground in Wuppertal-Nächstebreck and the preparation to raise a new building began.


The office moved into the build of Klaus Eichhorn Steuerungstechnik (KES).


In 1998 Christoph Rinke and Klaus Eichhorn founded the Rinke & Eichhorn GbR, to offer complete modernisations of machine tools and ohter machines, from one hand.