Retrofit – We make your machine competitive

Rinke Maschinenbau offers you extensive services in the field of machine tools. Regardless of whether it is a large machine or a standard system. In particular, machine tools such as boring mills, lathes, milling machines or grinding machines are the focus of our field of activity. But we also look after special machines and systems and modernize them on request. From simple repairs or maintenance to complete overhaul and modernization with the latest CNC control – retrofit for short, we are your right partner.

With us you get the entire machine tool service from a single source – feel free to contact us! – Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne!

Modernization of machine tools

Modernisierung, Generalüberholung, Umbau
We offer you an enormous increase in your productivity through modernization and conversion to CNC controls and the latest drive technology. The modernization of your machine is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new machine tool. It is worth converting a robust old machine, even if it has been in service for a number of years or decades.The latest control technology makes your machine fit for Industry 4.0 – so that you always have an eye on your production.

A machine tool modernized by us is equivalent to a new machine. However, the costs for a modernization are significantly lower than the acquisition costs of a new machine tool with the same performance. Your advantage of a retrofit is that the delivery times are significantly shorter. The production of the main components, such as the machine bed, crossbeam or support, is no longer necessary.

Ask us. We would be happy to advise you.

Repair of machine tools

Instandsetzung, Reparatur, Austausch,

When repairing a machine tool, we restore it to its original condition. We repair or replace all defective components. The entire geometry of the machine is restored. Electrical components are replaced with new ones and the machine is upgraded to the latest safety technology. We offer you the complete mechanical and geometric machine overhaul including grinding and scraping of all guides and mating surfaces. An overhaul is an inexpensive alternative to modernization, especially if the system was not built too long ago or it is a conventional machine tool.

Geometry measurement

Geometrievermessung, Messprotokoll

The geometry of a machine tool is the basis for the accuracy of the manufacture of your products. The surveyor analyzes the first damage patterns and provides an exact statement about the current condition of your machine tool.

With the help of digital and analogue measuring equipment, which is checked regularly, we measure the geometry of your machine tools and systems. The accuracy of these measurements is 0.001 mm at 1.00 m.

A measurement protocol according to DIN or ISO is created for all measurements.


Maschinentransport, Maschinenumzug,

We offer relocations of machine tools and systems from a single source. We ensure the correct set-up at the destination. This applies to new machines and used systems.

We organize the preparations, dismantling, loading and transport. We also take care of the preparation of the foundation as well as the assembly and commissioning of your machines.

During dismantling, we take over the documentation of the current status. On request, we can carry out a detailed assessment of the damage and create a corresponding offer for repairs.